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"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

Raffles, Singapore, 21.9.10

Posted by Lisa Hill on September 21, 2010

Well, here we are in Singapore and it hasn’t taken us long to get used to the high life here at Raffles! There are complimentary drinks (we – yes, predictably – chose Singapore Slings); complimentary chocolates; a complimentary Moon Cake; and even a complimentary mini tea-set, which is rather sweet and a nice way to welcome us when it’s their Moon Festival, eh?

 The room is gorgeous. It’s a Palm Court Garden suite, and it’s almost the size of a an apartment or small house. There is a lounge furnished with suitably colonial furniture, a massive bedroom, and a bathroom bigger than my library at home. The ambience is just like those Graham Greene novels you’ve seen on screen except that there’s air-conditioning as well as ceiling fans. We even have our own butler to look after our every need. I don’t have the heart to tell him to stop calling me Mrs Harding!

The flight was uneventful. Screaming babies were a long way away, and the service on Singapore Airlines is always first class even if you’re in economy. I started reading Sarah Dunant’s Sacred Hearts, an airport novel for the lover of the Italian Renaissance, while Tim read up on Spanish cities on his iPad, and it seemed we were here in no time. A most voluble taxi driver pointed out the latest in architectural splendours on the Singapore skyline, but what I love about this city is the profusion of flowers and greenery contrasted against crisp white buildings. Singapore is a truly beautiful place and we are going to have a lovely time when we go out and about tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Raffles, Singapore, 21.9.10”

  1. Louise said

    Oh, on the way already! And how exciting to be staying at Raffles. Your drinks and freebies look wonderful. I hope you enjoy your time in Singapore.

  2. LOL Mrs Harding. Sometimes it’s just not worth the effort is it! I haven’t been to Singapore yet – must do so. Hong Kong is our next little trip. I do love your Graham Greene reference. Does Tim like the iPad screen for reading.

  3. Lisa Hill said

    Tim mostly uses it for reading the web and newspapers and stuff. It’s been a good travel companion so far, but today it’s being a bit temperamental and won’t connect to the hotel wi-fi. I’m sure they’ll sort that out in due course, but in the meantime my laptop is working fine and I can keep an eye on events in Oz through the ABC.

    • Ah, that makes sense. I’m sure it’s great for reading news with its good quality images. Was showing my Kindle to my 92 year old aunt today. She loves reading but is probably going to have to downsize soon. It would be ideal but not sure she’ll make the jump though she did get into digital photography pretty quickly.

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