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"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

Le garde-manger: last dinner in Auckland

Posted by Lisa Hill on May 19, 2019

Tonight we’d planned to eat in, but the hotel restaurant was closed so we strolled up the Queen Street hill to a lovely little French bistro called Le Garde-manger.

We had delicious aperitifs to go with a delicious chicken liver paté: mine was called Pommeau de Normandie and it was made with apple juice and Calvados, and Tim’s was called Aperifigue, because it was flavoured with figs.

For main course, we had the specials: Tim had salmon and I had a confit of duck leg.  And we both had delicious wines, Tim’s a pinot-gris from Alsace, and mine was a pinot-noir from Bourgogne. Service was prompt and friendly, so it was a perfect last night in Auckland.

One Response to “Le garde-manger: last dinner in Auckland”

  1. Sounds lovely Lisa. I love the sound of both patés. I was relieved when you said your Bourgogne wine was a Pinot Noir, because we had drummed into us on our Bourgogne wine tour that they have two languages there – Pinot Noir and Chardonnay! (Which means they make three main wines, Pinot Noir, Chardonnary and a Sparkling which of course is classically made with pinot noir and chardonnay!)

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