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"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

New Zealand 2019 Day 1: Wellington

Posted by Lisa Hill on May 6, 2019

Well, here we are in Wellington!

We had an uneventful flight (always the best kind of flight to have IMO) and an even more uneventful drive to our hotel.  From what we’ve seen of ‘peak-hour traffic’, Wellingtonians have nothing to complain about.

Our home away from home is the U Residence on Wakefield Street, a well-appointed self-catering apartment right in the centre of town.  It’s also very close to the harbour, so we took a stroll along the waterfront en route to buy some supplies for breakfast tomorrow.

We’ve also found what appears to be a congenial Italian restaurant and we’ll check it for dinner tonight.

#Little Known Fact: you know the little walking men on pedestrian lights?  Here, the little red man is doing a Maori Haka, and the little green one is a woman swaying in one of those beaded Maori skirts.

Update (later on)

We had a delicious dinner at Fratelli on Blair Street.  For entrée, we had vodka infused salmon bruschetta with  salmon roe, and for mains Tim had veal scallopini and I had risotto with venison, washed down with a Santorini Primitivo.

These are not great photos, which may be the effect of the Martini I had before dinner.


6 Responses to “New Zealand 2019 Day 1: Wellington”

  1. crlbth59 said

    Looks good so far.


  2. I love the idea of the walk/don’t walk signs.

  3. Lisa Hill said

    Hi Carol and Karenlee, thanks for dropping by, it’s nice to know that someone is reading this:)

  4. It’s nearly 1am but we are going to Sydney tomorrow for 4 days. I’ve been flat out trying to get a bunch of stuff done, but just had to read your travel posts before I went to bed. (If I’m slow responding it’s because I’m away … but I will read and respond eventually … then again, I may not be slow!)

    Love the sound of those walk-don’t walk signs, and the dinner sounds delicious.

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