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Last day in Rome: Capitoline Museums 5.11.05

Posted by Lisa Hill on January 24, 2007

Our last day in Rome, in Italy, in Europe…
We spent the morning in museums, starting with the Capitoline where we admired the massive bits of Constantine that are dotted about the entrance, found the Dying Gaul, the Boy removing a Thorn, the bird mosaics from Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli, assorted philosophers and the best of the busts of the emperors. Downstairs, linking the two museums is a terrific tunnel with tablets documenting all kinds of Roman writing, and some token Greek too. We had lunch in the restaurant on top of the museum overlooking the city, which once again had blessed us with perfect weather.

 My last journal entry was written at an outdoor cafe, Ristorante La Carbonara in Campo di Fiore, beside the famous bakery and near the statue of Giordano Bruno, the patron saint of Skeptics. (He was burned to death for heresy in 1600, for suggesting that the earth revolves around the sun.) There was a farmer’s market in full swing, with fruit, vegetables and flowers for sale, not to mention the usual cheap copies of designer bags being sold by Africans keeping a wary eye out for the police. An energetic teenager was playing the piano accordion under the watchful eye of her patron, and we made friends with a couple of Swedish gays out walking their dog. It was a perfect night.

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