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Last thoughts, Norfolk Island, June 29th 2018

Posted by Lisa Hill on June 29, 2018

Well, we’re off home tomorrow and although I’m looking forward to being home with my friends and my dog and my own house and garden, I’m not looking forward to the fog, which is not actually fog at all but rather particulate pollution caused by stupid people burning trendy log fires when there’s no wind to blow the pollution away.  It means I will have to stay indoors until we get a blast of wind from the Antarctic to clear the air.

So that’s been a reminder to appreciate the beautiful clean air here on Norfolk Island.   This little Sacred Kingfisher on our verandah likes it here too.

Sacred kingfisher

We had a quiet couple of days for the last of the week.  We loafed about with books yesterday, venturing out only for the fabled Fish Fry at dusk which turned out to be a very much over-priced disappointment.  It might be nice in warmer weather, and it might be nice if they had a greater variety of fish, but trumpeter and king fish in a limp lukewarm batter self-served with some indifferent salads and a woeful musical accompaniment is not worth $136 for two.

But it was yesterday that I noticed something special about the furniture and fittings here at the Jacaranda Cottages.  These cottages are really, really nice, with a spacious sitting room and a well-equipped kitchen; a very comfortable king sized bed with a spa in the ensuite; and a beautiful view over the valley from the deck where we had breakfast most mornings.  And although there are five cottages on the site, they are very private, especially if you are on the end of the row as we are.  But what I hadn’t realised at first, is that all the furniture is handmade out of Norfolk Island Pine on the island by Dave Pitcher’s Joinery, and it’s beautiful.

We had dinner on our last night at Hilli’s Restaurant again.  We haven’t been to all the restaurants on the island, but we’d had such a good meal on our first night, that we wanted to go back there again.  They don’t have a huge menu or wine list, but everything they do is well done and well-presented and the staff are friendly and efficient.

So all up, a beaut holiday and we’re glad we came!

Thanks to Vanessa and Bookie for hosting us at Jacaranda Cottages, we would recommend this accommodation to anyone looking for a lovely quiet place to stay.

2 Responses to “Last thoughts, Norfolk Island, June 29th 2018”

  1. And wine out of a tumbler for $136 meal doesn’t seem quite right. Fortunately I wouldn’t be tempted given my wheat-free diet.

    I love the sound of your cottage though. I can imagine just spending a couple of quiet days enjoying it.

    There are a few wood fires in our suburb, but not very many so we don’t have the issue you have. I think the valley over the ridge from us used to have your problem, but more and more people have been giving up wood fires here I think.

  2. Lisa Hill said

    There was a woman there who said she was coeliac – I would have thought it was rather risky even if she did scrape the batter off….
    In some places, wood fires are not an issue. But they are in Melbourne because of our geography. I went on a course with the Bureau of Meteorology some years ago, and they said in autumn when the air is still, the worst air quality in Melbourne was not the western suburbs where the factories are, but Balwyn, because there’s the particulates would linger in their valley with a sort of blanket of air over it, with no way to clear it till the winds blew it away.
    Someone in our street burns a wood fire, and because I have some residual lung damage after a bout of pneumonia and pleurisy in the 1980s, I actually get a pain in the chest when it’s bad. Fortunately, I can be at the beach in 5 minutes and get a blast of fresh air down there to clear it!

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