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"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

Exploring Norfolk Island, June 24th 2018

Posted by Lisa Hill on June 24, 2018


Today we checked out Cascade in the North – and Kingston in the South, with a reprise of the shopping centre for extra supplies…

First, our trusty vehicle: it is a Sigma of some sort, with a motor about the size of a lawn mower.  As you can see from the rego plate, there are not a lot of cars on the island, and you can pick the rental cars straight away by the larger rego numbers…  We have not seen a single 4WD and only one ute, though there surely must be some around the place…

I drove today and Tim navigated, so I was the one who had to push the pedal flat to the floor to get up the hills.  Norfolk Island is, geologically speaking, the remnants of an extinct volcano so there are steep hills and cliffs (and unmarked hairpin bends) once you get out of town.  More alarmingly, there are also free-range cows on the road, including a mother feeding her calf at one stage, and also plenty of chickens which wander around everywhere like they do in Indonesia,

Anyway, we made it to Cascade without incident, and very pretty it is too.

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From there we dawdled around to Kingston, which is the historic part of the island where the convicts were housed. We’re doing a tour of this world heritage site tomorrow so I didn’t take any photos. But yes, it looks suitably grim…

Then it was back to the shops. We forgot to buy tonic yesterday for the G&Ts!

The shops are actually spread out all over the place, so good luck if you don’t have a car. In the slideshow you can see the Ferny Lane Theatre where you can see performances by the island’s theatrical group, and also movies. We also admired the stained glass window for the bakery which is next to the supermarket. There are actually two, we like this one better than the Foodtown because it seems to have better quality food though it is more expensive. You can also buy delicious home made sausage rolls, croissants and apple pies, which the other place didn’t have. (The Foodtown is surrounded by a small circuit of specialty shops (bakery, butcher etc) but they were all closed on Saturday afternoon so we haven’t inspected them yet. I am keen to find a fresh tomato!)

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4 Responses to “Exploring Norfolk Island, June 24th 2018”

  1. Enjoyed reading about today’s adventures, Lisa and Tim. I particularly like hearing about the ordinary stuff like supermarkets and what cars people drive, the things, in other words, that make our daily lives.

    Fancy forgetting the T part of the G&T. What WERE you thinking? And what G are you using there?

    • Lisa Hill said

      Only Gordon’s, I’m afraid, not our usual Bombay Sapphire…
      BTW I found out yesterday that they have 53 varieties of hibiscus, not just the four in our cottage’s garden!

  2. Meg said

    Hi Lisa, sorry I didn’t respond earlier, but I had problems with the “Cookie Policy”. It looks like you had a nice relaxing time, and enjoyed some delicious food and nice wine. One day I may even get to visit Norfolk.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hi Meg, lovely to hear from you here (though I’m back home now).
      Cookie policy is driving me crazy! Apparently there are new privacy laws in the EU, so all WordPress blogs have a little notice about how info is collected. You have to ‘close and accept’ to get rid of the notice… and I am not sure yet whether you have to do it every time or just the first time you visit. As far as I can tell, all it means is that your email address is stored somewhere but of course they don’t have any other info, not even what country you’re in unless the ISP reveals it.
      But it is lovely to get comments here: it is very encouraging to know that people take an interest. So thank you!

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