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"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

Singapore, Saturday May 30th 2015

Posted by Lisa Hill on May 30, 2015

Fullerton HotelWell, here we are in Singapore, en route to the UK and Europe.  The flight was uneventful and as always with Singapore Airlines, the service was faultless.  Even the food is edible!

We are staying at the Fullerton Hotel, which is very grand.  There were two Rolls Royces parked outside when we arrived (in a Toyota Camry taxi).  This is the last of the grand hotels that we’ll be enjoying in Singapore: now that we’ve had a night at Raffles (which was lovely) and another at the Marina Bay Sands (too crowded, too noisy) we shall in future be staying in less expensive places.  But it is a lovely way to start a holiday, especially when there is a 14-hour long haul next, to London.

courtyardroomWe have a courtyard room, which is spacious and comfortable and deliciously cool.  Through the window we can look down to the courtyard which is where we had afternoon tea last time we were here in Singapore.  We went there again tonight for some splendid patisserie after we’d had a rather ordinary Chinese meal along the river.  I couldn’t help thinking of Masterchef as I tucked into a scrumptious chocolate bombe, washed down with a nice glass of Baileys…

It’s only nine o’clock here but it’s after eleven Melbourne time, so it’s time to curl up with a book in bed.


10 Responses to “Singapore, Saturday May 30th 2015”

  1. sally906 said

    We have walked past the Fullerton – and sheltered there in a rainstorm! Certainly looked lovely. We have just booked a European cruise for next year – March. Amsterdam to Budapest. Hopefully this time it won’t be cancelled due to massive flood disaster 🙂

    Will be watching your trip with interest – sounds really good!

    • Lisa Hill said

      Lovely to hear from you Sally, thanks for following my blog:)
      I remember that disastrous trip, it was such a shame and you’d been so looking forward to it:) I certainly hope the next one goes better. You couldn’t be *that* unlucky twice!

  2. We sat in a bar opposite the Fullerton, to watch the light show from Marina Nay Sands. Great fun. Having to avoid gluten, I don’t get too excited these days about afternoon teas, which is a pity! Enjoy your trip.

  3. Louise said

    What a delightful start to your holiday- the start of many splendid patisseries I expect.

  4. Robin said

    How long will you be staying in Singapore? Have you been there before?

  5. kimbofo said

    I admire your commitment to write about your travels. I can never summon the energy!

    Looking forward to seeing you in London! X

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