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"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

Toledo, 17.10.10

Posted by Lisa Hill on October 20, 2010

I’ve had trouble connecting to the web all day today so I spent some of my time making a little video from our trip to Toledo yesterday.

Here it is:

7 Responses to “Toledo, 17.10.10”

  1. Carol said

    Very sweet cheers C

  2. Lisa Hill said

    Hi Carol, lovely to hear from you…sometimes I think no one is reading my posts so it is lovely to have some feedback!
    Off to Lisbon tomorrow!

    • Fun video … just one comment, the text screens, particularly the first one, could stay on a couple more seconds? You may not want to change this one but might be worth thinking about for next. Was it hard to do? I haven’t really played with YouTube at all.

      • Lisa Hill said

        Yes, I realised that once I’d uploaded it, but am not sure how to change how long a slide stays up for. (I made the video with Picasa). I think the thing to do next time is to just have a short sentence per slide.
        You Tube is easy and so is making a video. Sign up and get yourself a YouTube and a Picasa account. Picasa will automatically locate all your photos on your disk, and so you can get it to select a set and then choose make a video from the menu at the top. It will turn your photos into a little video and then you can add text slides. Very user-friendly.
        I don’t remember what the instructions were to upload it to you Tube because LOL I had to do it all in Spanish and I just clicked on something that I assumed said upload and it did!
        Must go, time to explore Lisbon!
        (And then tonight I will try to catch up on my Madrid posts that I couldn’t do before…hopefully the wifi here will be reliable!

  3. Thanks Lisa … I might try it sometime. I’m guessing YouTube may work with flickr too. (LOL re text – that’s a good workaround – make the sentences shorter!). Another question: Have you paid to be able to load YouTubes onto WordPress? I had a feeling that you can’t do it with your free memory/storage allocation?

    • Lisa Hill said

      Nope, haven’t paid YouTube a thing. I think it’s like most of those apps: either they are self-supporting through ads, or once you have used up your free space (by which time you are hooked LOL) you have to pay.
      I use GooglePhotos for free too, and they are free till you’ve used up all your space. I’m using it a lot while I’m away to upload our photos so that if we lost our cameras or they got stolen, we still have all our pictures that we;ve stored in cyber space.
      With WordPress I pay something each year not to have ads on my school blog, and there are options that you can pay for e.g. having more & longer video or your own domain name etc.

      • Thanks Lisa … no, I didn’t mean pay YouTube but WordPress, I’ve clearly got it wrong but I thought to upload movies onto a WordPress Blog you had to pay ie that you got 100mb free for still images but you had to pay for any moving ones but clearly I’m wrong so I’ll look into that a bit more. We used to upload photos when travelling onto the MacWeb (or whatever it’s called) site but last couple of times we’ve just put them onto the netbook figuring we wouldn’t lose both camera AND netbook! But perhaps we should again use an internet site for that.

        My daughter has paid for her own wordpress domain – because she wanted to have ads and make money but that’s not my goal

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