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"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

Dublin, 2.10.10

Posted by Lisa Hill on October 3, 2010

Ahh, Dublin at last!  We’re just settling into the Dylan Hotel in Eastmoreland Place and very nice it is too.   We had an easy trip from Conwy to Holyhead and then came over on the Jonathan Swift ferry.  They admitted it was a rough trip, but it wasn’t too bad really.  After all, once you’ve been to Tassie on the Spirit in a gale, no stretch of water is really scary…

Our first tip for fellow travellers to Dublin is that taxis don’t take credit cards.  We didn’t change our pounds to euros aboard the ferry (too hard to do, lurching around from deck to deck), and guess what, nowhere to do it at the  port.  Fortunately our taxi driver was a trusting soul and he drove us into town to the nearest ATM…

It’s nice to be in a good hotel.  B&Bs are very friendly in a home-away-from-home kind of way but my goodness, some of them are poky!  Some we’ve stayed in have been fine, but others literally don’t have any space to put the suitcase, or there’s so little room to move around that the hapless guest is at risk of knocking things over.   

And sometimes, too, owners just don’t think through the needs of travellers.  It’s all very well having pretty little knick-knacks all over the shelves – but where should the traveller put the toilet bag/s? How does one manage to recharge all the digital stuff we carry these days (phones, cameras not to mention iPads and netbooks) when there is only one inaccessible power-point?  How can one air the towels if there’s only one very small towel rail? A few extra hooks and small shelves and perhaps a double powerpoint would make it all much easier for the traveller at very little cost to the owner.

All our hosts have been really nice people, but a couple of the B&Bs we went to left a bit to be desired.  Price is no guide, the most expensive one we stayed in had heaps of room but rather dubious plumbing.  The one with the most impressive awards had a tiny bed and even tinier bedding.   We had to choose between covering out feet or covering our shoulders because the blanket and bedspread weren’t long enough to cover both!

There are no such problems here at the Dylan.  We have plenty of room to spread out and be comfortable and it’s good to have services like laundry and so forth.  There’s a good dining-room for nights like tonight when we’re tired after travelling for most of the day.  It’s very modern, and everything works, though I bet they have fun changing the light-globes on these amazing light-fittings!


4 Responses to “Dublin, 2.10.10”

  1. LOL Lisa. I take it you haven’t been to Japan! Hotel rooms there tend to be pretty tiny. I liked the Japanese style ones better with futons – you had to sleep on the floor but I found that a small price to pay for having you bed rolled up in the morning and space to move around in.

    BTW Love than light fitting.

  2. Lisa Hill said

    That’s right, Sue, Japan is somewhere I have yet to visit – though I have seen those capsule hotels on TV…
    Maybe when we go, we’d better email them our heights to make sure they have beds and bedding long enough LOL!

    • LOL … you just might. We didn’t quite go the capsule route but business hotels that we used when we didn’t go the ryokan tend to be small unless I suppose you go upmarket which we tend not to do. If you don’t mind the futon you’ll be fine – and they’re good for keeping the bones flexible!!

  3. Lisa Hill said

    I’ll bear this advice in mind, Sue!

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