Travels with Tim and Lisa

"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

Wales, 30.9.10

Posted by Lisa Hill on October 1, 2010

Hmm, I’m writing this to the tune of RAF jets playing games overhead, a feature of this guest house not mentioned in the tourist info. Funny that, eh?

Today was just a travel day, not very interesting and not leading to a great destination. More tomorrow when things look up. (I hope).


2 Responses to “Wales, 30.9.10”

  1. Raie said

    I have my big atlas on my desk and following your travels closely. ……………sorry about today’s disappointment, but there you are. You can’t win it all and so far it sounds terrific. I’m having dinner with John and family tonight. Japanese – in training for the planned trip with Gus in January. Still busy with
    lots of things to do. Lucky me!
    Enjoy Ireland. love Raie

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hi Raie – Tim always says that if we were at home, in six weeks something would go wrong. So inevitably if we’re away for six weeks, something will go wrong and the best thing to do is shrug the shoulders and move on.
      And we have. Today we are in Conwy which is an enchanting place, and I’m just about to write about our adventures for you to read. So watch this space! *cheerful grin*

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