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"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

Texture Restaurant, Saturday 25.9.10

Posted by Lisa Hill on September 26, 2010

Ok, if you are not a foodie you’d better skip this post because it’s all about our splendid dinner out at Texture Restaurant in Portland St, Mayfair.

Whenever we go overseas, we always try to go to one really good restaurant in each city, and although we wanted to revisit Rules this time, on Saturday nights they have two sittings – and I hate that! As the song says, I ‘get too hungry for dinner at eight’ but I don’t want to eat early and be chivvied out of the restaurant to make way for the second sitting either. So Tim undertook the quest to find somewhere equally interesting, and so it was that we ended up at Texture, which serves modern Scandinavian food.

It has a Michelin star so we knew it would be good, but I confess to some apprehension. I’m game to try almost anything but I know nothing about Scandinavian food except for the rather unflattering depiction of it in Babette’s Feast! Were we to be served pickled herrings and salted vegetables?

I need not have worried, it was all splendid!  On arrival we were served an interesting appetizer of ‘crisps’ and a dip: paper thin shavings of vegetables with a texture like tempura and an exotic flavour that neither of us could identify.  The bread looked like hearty peasant bread but was light and flavoursome, served with light and creamy butter. 

We both chose the Anjou pigeon for entreé.  It came served with a medley of sweetcorn: sweetcorn popcorn, sweetcorn pureé, and sweetcorn kernels together with caramelised shallots and fresh cress.  It was absolutely scrumptious and went very nicely with the French pinot noir that the sommelier recommended. 

For main course Tim had Cornish skate and Icelandic langoustins served on a bed of barley and tiny little vegetables, while I had venison served with red cabbage, cranberries and chocolate.  There was a very small green vegetable that looked suspiciously like a miniature Brussel Sprout but I smothered it with the parsnip puree and the sauce and pretended it wasn’t there.

Between the main course and dessert there was another discovery: a palate cleanser of sorrel granita with a muscatel sabayon.  Now our sorrel at home is always threatening to take over the herb garden altogether and we are always looking for new recipes to cull it with, so there will be some experimentation going on in the kitchen chez Tim & Lisa when we get back home.

Tim had a white peach with basil and olive oil for dessert but I didn’t think the marriage of sweet and savoury worked quite so well with mine, which was white chocolate, cucumber and fragments of rye biscuit for texture.   Still, with a lovely aged Armagnac to follow, I was prepared to overlook this!

We had an interesting ride home to the hotel.  There were no taxis to be had, so a ‘driver’ was found for us.  No meter, and probably no insurance either.  I must remember to ask the concierge about this in the morning….


3 Responses to “Texture Restaurant, Saturday 25.9.10”

  1. debbie said

    Mouth watering-I look forward to the next food installment!!!! Yum!!!
    The sun is out in Ferntree Gully today-so looking forward to getting out in it and topping up the Vitamin D levels-keep up the blogging-(wish I could write like you)-cheers

  2. Sounds lovely Lisa. Of your two main courses I would have chosen venison and red cabbage too. Must admit though that I have learnt to love brussels sprouts. I didn’t like them as a child but I like the tight earthiness now. Except, do you need them with red cabbage? I love parsnip puree too. As for the cranberries, I think red berries with hearty meat is a Scandinavian thing? The desserts sound odd and remind me of a Scandinavian dessert I made once ( over two decades ago now) using, as I recollect, pumpernickel bread, some berries (lingonberries perhaps) and cream. It was, shall we say, interesting and I haven’t made it again!!

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