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"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

Home again Jan 23, 2010

Posted by Lisa Hill on January 24, 2010

It had been a hot night in Yass, but there was a blissful cool breeze blowing through the Globe Inn as we said our farewells to our lovely host Annette, and we set off with that great feeling that you have when you’ve had a beaut holiday and are ready to be home again.  We were starting to miss our friends and family and our dear little dogs, and we wanted to see if the garden had survived for a week without us.

The driving was easy except for that horrid patch where there is two-way traffic (yes, on our national highway, in 2010, hard to believe, I know!) We had a brief stop at Holbrook for coffee and cake, and pulled off at Wangaratta for lunch – and Tim’s iPhone earned its keep by finding the Tread Restaurant for us. It’s on Faithfull St, turn right from the north entrance into Wang or click here for the map.  
It’s a really good restaurant, the only one in Wangaratta that’s in the Age Good Food Guide.  It has a trendy industrial style decor, big open spaces and a vaulted roof – and was surprisingly cool on a hot day even though there didn’t seem to be any visible air-conditioning. Swift service, delicious dips with an original twist e.g. beetroot with citrus, and a good wine list – which (even though I don’t drink it) included an impressive range of designer beers.  There was light jazz playing not too loudly in the background and there is a lovely deck outside which overlooks the river.  There was truffle risotto on the menu so of course I had that, and Tim had a thin-crust pizza with potato, garlic and rosemary.  Just the thing for our last indulgence, because we will have to eat sensibly for a while after all the wonderful meals we’ve had…

It was a straight run home along the Hume after that, and what a pleasure it is to drive on good well-designed roads!

We had an ecstatic welcome home from the dogs –  thanks for looking after them, Aunty Glenda:)

BTW I hope you’re impressed by the collage, I made it with Picasa!


6 Responses to “Home again Jan 23, 2010”

  1. I AM indeed impressed by the collage – and the restaurant sounds great too. Is it on the Murray? (I could look at the map but am too lazy!). And is that a lovely mushroom risotto? Yum?

    Totally agree re the NSW side of the Hume the trip from around Gundagai to Albury is horrendous. Reminds me of my early days in Canberra when much of the road between CBR and SYDNEY was like that BUT that was fixed over 20 years ago now. Can’t believe how long the rest is taking. Anyhow, I’m going to remember the Tread if I can, though having an hour or so extra to go (from our place to Yass) we usually end up eating at the Submarine at Holbrook. Noting fancy but they do make a nice fresh salad and their deck in the park is pleasant enough.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Um, I think it’s the King River but it could also be the Ovens because they meet up there. Not just mushrooms, those black bits are truffle shavings, totally irresistible. In Holbrook there’s also a nice cafe, on the same side of the road as the sub, not far from the pharmacy that’s on the same side as the sub. I can’t remember its name. Check out the gift shop nearby as well, they have local jams and pickles, chocolates and all sorts of good things for those last minute gifts for friends.

      • LOL … those last minute gifts for friends can be a challenge sometimes. I’ll remember that.

        I wondered if there might have been truffle in there as well. Even more Yum.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Oh, and guess what I found out: Isobel Carmody was born there! They have a big placard bragging about their Olympians, but to find out about other famous people see

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