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"If my discoveries are other people's commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness" (Elizabeth Bowen)

Singapore: High Tea at Raffles 27.9.2005

Posted by Lisa Hill on November 19, 2005

Here we are in the most famous hotel in Singapore, in the Tiffin Room. That’s a Singapore Sling, the real thing this time, in a glass with the Raffles logo on it. This is the recipe: 30ml gin; 15 ml cherry brandy; 120 ml pineapple jiuce; 7.5ml Cointreau; 7.5ml Dom Benedictine; 10ml Grenadine; dash of Angosture Bitters, garnished with a cherry and slice of pineapple.
We took High Tea International, a smorgasbord of finger food from Malaysia, India, China and good old Britain. Not exactly as it would have been in Somerset Maugham’s day, but close enough – as I discovered when I foolishly chose a sandwich which turned out to be made with Peck’s Paste.
Like much else in Singapore, Raffles is all white lattice and palm trees. The waiters wear crisp white linen suits, the napery is white, and the service is superb. And after enjoying a scrumptious tea, there’s the Raffles Museum to explore, full of fantastic memorabilia. Wonderful old postcards and photos from the 1930s in its heyday in society. Naturally there is a souvenir shop, where I bought some Raffles coasters to use in The Left Wing and a copy of the Raffles Cookbook for my beloved Tim so that he can recreate these splendid meals at home.

There is also the Writers’ Bar, named for Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham, Joseph Conrad amongst others. I wonder if I could get an Australia Council grant to write The Great Australian Novel there??

4 Responses to “Singapore: High Tea at Raffles 27.9.2005”

  1. Lurline said

    I’ve had afternoon tea there too, Lisa, many years ago now. It sounds just as good.

  2. HillFamilySouthernDivision said

    Of all the institutions that the English have bequeathed to the world, afternoon tea must be one of the best!

  3. Louise said

    I’m rather surprised at the inclusion of Peck’s paste in such a repast! Otherwise it looks a wonderful atmosphere to lap up.

  4. Lisa Hill said

    Louise, I think there would be English tourists who would like the authenticity!

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